Transcribe Japanese audio and video online with Enunci 's transcription service

Enunci's online service creates text transcriptions from Japanese language audio and video

Enunci is an online transcription service which can transcribe audio and video spoken conversations in a variety of languages, including Japanese.


The Enunci app provides an easy-to-use and convinent way to create text transcriptions of voice recordings, from sources like meeting recordings, interviews, audio tour guides and television snippets. The Enunci service uses Artificial Intelligence voice transcription technology from Amazon Web Services to process to transcribe your audio and video files, while providing simple account management and a variety of text output formats to documents like Word and PDF.

Transcribe then translate

It's easier to translate written text than audio, so you can use Enunci to transcribe your spoken Japanese language recordings into text files, before using translation services to translate them into English or other languages. The Enunci transcription app provides transcribed text files as Word doc or PDF files - and other formats can be provided on request.

Get started using Japanese transcription with Enunci

To begin transcribing your Japanese recordings, first create an account. Then create a new Transcription job, upload your WAV or MP4 files and wait for the transcription job to complete. It usually takes about twice as long as the length of the audio or video recording - much quicker than a manual transcription.

Enunci operates as a pay-as-you-go service, you buy credits which can be used to perform the transcriptions. There's no monthly fee, and with a variety of credit options you only need to buy enough credits to cover your intended use.

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