Transcribing Zoom meeting recordings online

Enunci can transcribe your Zoom meeting recordings into text.

Zoom has become one of the video conferencing tools of choice for many groups and businesses following the global Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

But when working remotely and engaging in video calls it's often useful to transcribe the meeting, perhaps to send all the parcticipants a copy, or simply for archival and future reference.

If you've ever wanted to transcribe an audio recording of a Zoom meeting then the Enunci online transcription service can help. Our online platform allows you to upload your Zoom .mp4 files, which are then processed and transcribed into text. Finally you can export the transcribed recordings as a PDF or Word document.

Transcribing Zoom meeting recordings into text allows you to keep a permanent record of what was said during a meeting or interview. A text file is also far smaller than an audio or video file, so you can keep many more text files without incurring storage issues.

Find out more about how the Enunci audio transcription application works.

How to transcribe Zoom recordings

Zoom offers the ability to record meetings through its local recording and cloud recording features.

You can choose to save the Zoom meeting recording as MP4 format - which is ideal for Enunci's online transcription service.

Once you have the MP4 Zoom recording file, you can upload it to Enunci. We'll calculate the length of your recording and allow you to choose which language to transcribe from - Enunci offers many transcription languages.

You can find out more about Zoom's recording and export formats here:

Rapid audio transcription at low cost

Because we use automated artificial intelligence technology, we're able to offer a very cost effective transcription service. To transcribe a 1 hour Zoom video call would cost from only £1.80. Our pay-as-you-go pricing means you're not tied into a subcription, and you can use your transcription credits when you need to.

Our service is also rapid and on-demand - processing your Zoom meeting recordings and transcribing them in roughly the same time as the length of the recording.

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